Welcome to Lochac’s Social Media page.

This site will help you negotiate using Social Media within  SCA Lochac, and ways in which the Social Media Officer can support you and your group.  

The Kingdom of Lochac has several Social Media presences.

SCA Lochac Facebook Page – our “Front Page”  for those interestsed in joining the SCA in Lochac.  You can also message SCA Lochac to contact the Lochac Social Media Officer.

Lochac Facebook Group – a private group for discussions in Lochc

Lochac Instagram

Lochac on Twitter

Lochac YouTube Channel

Please be mindful that the SCA Ltd does not discriminate between online and offline behaviour. The Code of Conduct prevails.  Links to the Lochac Onlline Community Guidelines and the Lochac Social Media Policy are below.

Lochac Online Community Guidelines

Social Media Policy


If you have any questions, please contact media@lochac.sca.org